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Apart MA200CDR

Vörunúmer: AP-MA200CDR
Mixer kraftmagnari með innbyggðu AM/FM útvarpi og CD/MP3 spilara
176.900 kr.
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With the MA200CDR mixing amplifier, the APart engineering team has created a unique, original and above all, complete electronic. The mixing amplifier has a CD/MP3 player and an AM/FM tuner build-in. Never before has a mixer amplifier had all the features to meet a contractors demand for nearly every application.

The most important features:
• 200 watt 100 Volt mixing amplifier
• With build-in CD/MP3 player and AM/FM tuner
• 4 mic inputs (phantom via internal switch)
• Mic inputs have integrated speech filters and are high-class transistor balanced
• 4 Line inputs
• 4 Loudspeaker output zones can be selected (switch on/off) and have LED indication. Zone 4: selection of “Music only”, “microphone only” or both music and microphone.
• Bass-treble tone control
• Master volume control
• 3-Level priority system:
- 1. Emergency input: directly to the power amplifier (vol adjustable)
- 2. VOX Mute: Voice activated mute (adjustable) on MIC input 1 mutes all other inputs
- 3. Contact closure mutes all line inputs
• LED indication on front pannel when line inputs are muted
• 24V ouput power is activated via contact closure. Can be used to switch the 24V priority relays of volume controls.
• Integrated 2-tone chime has an adjustable volume and is activated by contact closure
• Build-in dynamic limiter (-3dB)
• Record output via RCA 
• PRE AMP OUT - AMP IN makes it possible to insert an external signal processor or to add extra power amplifiers
• Tuner controls: AM/FM switch, Scan up/down, Memory for 10 presets, memory scan 
• CD functions: CD on/off, Next - Previous track, Play - Pause, Stop - Eject, Continuous - random - Repeated play, folder select (Mp3 only), Program
• 19” brackets are included