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Apart MA30

Vörunúmer: AP-MA30
Nettur mixermagnari, 30W í 100v eða lág ohm
44.500 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt


Half rack mixing amplifier, 30W @ 100 volt

During the redefining process of the mixing amplifier one of the key-conclusions was to bring it back to basics and make it user-friendly. The cutting-edge Apart MA30 has an unseen intuitive user interface and ground breaking, logic and sheer rear panel. The volume control rotary on the front panel is prominent, illuminated, bigger and put in the forefront while the mic volume control is smaller and recessed. The MA30 comes in a compact 9.5” housing with 1 mic/line input and 2 stereo line, mono summed inputs. The smart left-to-right 4 level priority and rear panel design makes it intuitive for installers. On the rear panel you can find an emergency input, paging mic with chime and a 24VDC override output. Every end-user and installer will instantly see and understand how to operate or install this progressive MA30 mixing amplifier.