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Apart PM7400MKII

Vörunúmer: AP-PM7400MKII
Mixer formagnari með sex línu og tveimur hljóðnema inngöngum og tvo steríó útganga
68.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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Multifunctional stereo pre-amplifier

The PM7400MKII is a multi-functional stereo pre-amplifier ideal for applications where you want to control the volume independently in 2 stereo zones. The possibility to mix the microphone level easily with the music sources and its excellent sound quality makes it suitable for many applications like clubs, bars, restaurants...

The music tone control of the 6 possible line inputs and 2 microphones can be configured on the front panel. The microphone can be plugged-in via the balanced jack on the front or via the balanced XLR inputs at the back of the amplifier. Microphone input 1 has an adjustable voice activated mute that mutes all other inputs. A contact mute at the back of the PM7400MKII mutes the music sources.

The excellent sound quality of this pre-amplifier that only takes 1 unit of rack space will make the PM7400MKII an essential part of your audio solution!