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Apart REVAMP1680

Vörunúmer: AP-REVAMP1680
Sextán rása kraftmagnari 16 x 80 wött í 4 ohm eða 8 x 160 wött i 8 ohm.
199.900 kr.
99.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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16-channel bridgeable digital power amplifier, 16 x 80W, 4oh

REVAMP1680 is a professional 16-channel digital power amplifier with 16 x 80 watts output power @ 4 ohms, but the unit is also bridgeable to 8 x 160 watts @ 8 ohms. This 3 rack units high amplifier with very high channel separation also has a dual analog power supply with toroidal power transformers. The standby power consumption is very low, less than 0.5 watts!

Another smart feature of the REVAMP1680 is the switching mode standby power supply with multiple auto power on/off options. You can power on or power off the unit via a trigger input, audio sense... The trigger input is ideal when you want to switch on the power amplifier automatically using an external AC or DC trigger signal coming from your audio system. The amplifier will be switched on as long as the trigger voltage is present. Alternatively, you can set the power on mode switch to the audio trig position: the amp will automatically switch on when a sufficiently strong audio signal is present at the input and automatically switch off after a few minutes of silence.