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Apart REVAMP2250

Vörunúmer: AP-REVAMP2250
Tveggja rása digital kraftmagnari 2 x 250 wött í 4 ohm
89.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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2-channel bridgeable digital power amplifier, 2 x 250W, 4ohm

REVAMP2250 is a professional 2-channel digital power amplifier with 2 x 250 watts output power @ 4 ohms, but is also bridgeable (1 x 500 watts @ 8 ohms). The unit incorporates a high efficient SMPS power supply and outputs with efficient Class D output topology.

The digital signal processor inside operates with one simple push button at the back of the unit to select an operating mode (6 presets). An example of a preset is the combination CH1 subwoofer and CH2 trafo load.  In this example you have a low-pass filter for increased stability when using 100 volt transformers on the output, allowing you to use 100 volt speakers as top speakers combined with a standard low impedance subwoofer. With the other presets channels can be bridged, high pass filters can be applied to a channel...

The very intuitive front display shows what is going on with one blink of an eye. Thanks to our own designed automatic protection system (patent pending) with smart use of a compressor/limiter topology we bring our switched mode power supply to an unexpected high level! This manifests itself in a great dynamic power with an unseen musicality and exceptional dynamic sound.

Ease of use, high-tech, reliability and big output power has never been as cleverly combined as in this REVAMP2250 amplifier.