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Framleiðandi: Lampefeber
Vörunúmer: 9-LAA680-002
Bicoca borðlampi frá Marset
24.900 kr.
10.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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The Independent Light

The Bicoca is born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times, wherever you go. This new colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces.

Made of polycarbonate, Bicoca begins with an overlay of basic geometric figures, with a tiltable shade to direct the light.

A powerful magnet in the fixture’s base lets you affix it to metal surfaces, defying gravity, and an additional accessory allows it to attach to a sofa or the head of a bed to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

The wide range of shade colors provide an option for any taste and any space. Bicoca is small, manageable, versatile and autonomous.

Upplýsingar um vöru
Hæð 22,5cm
Breidd 14cm
Efni White metal shade and base with chrome details. tiltable shade, perfect for reading. cable: white textil with switch.
Pera LED
Hönnuður ed by Christophe Mathieu, 2017