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Brushed aluminium LOW PROFILE FLEXIBLE 230VAC - 6W - 2700K

Framleiðandi: Nordtronic
Vörunúmer: 9-NOR3502
Innfeld. Led ljós 6W
8.590 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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Product description

  • Low Profile Flexible comes with removable driver, which makes it easy to connect the downlight for example after the painting of the ceiling
  • Low Profile Flexible can be mounted in acoustic ceiling
  • Approved for installation directly in insulation and flammable materials •
  • Low mounting depth (33 mm)
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Screwless terminal block in the connector box
  • Possibility of installation with 16mm flex tube or cable
  • Mounting with springs
  • Designed and developed in Denmark for tomorrow’s building and energy requirements
  • Front: Ø87 mm or 87 x 87 mm
  • Material: plastic, aluminium
  • Patented (EP2570722)

Also available in 3000K and 4000K


Upplýsingar um vöru
Hæð 33mm
Breidd 85mm
Efni Stál
Pera innbyggd led 6W 2700k Dimmanlegt
Gatmál 75mm
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