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CC 550

Vörunúmer: SEC-CC-550
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24.900 kr.
14.900 kr.
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CC 550


Over the head, binaural headset with extra-large ear caps supplied with ultra noise cancelling microphone and ActiveGard® protection technology.


  • The CC 550 is our top-of-the-line binaural headset and offers powerful, precise sound to both ears for optimal understanding. Its durable construction makes it perfect for any type of office or professional communication

  • ActiveGard® safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst

  • Independent double-sided headband adjustment and self-adjusting ball-mounted speaker capsules allow perfect fitting to the head

  • 300° adjustable microphone boom allows microphone to be positioned exactly for optimal speech clarity.

  • Unique comfort pads in the headband and specially padded ear caps distribute pressure and ensure remarkable comfort even during extended wearing time

  • Binaural headset ensures maximum block out of background noise, increasing concentration and efficiency