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Centrance MixerFace R4B

Tveggja rása upptökutæki og hljóðkort með XY hljóðnemum. Tekur upp á microSD kort. USB tengi sem gengur við síma, spjaldtölvur og tölvur. "Analogue" útgangur fyrir DSLR vélar og fl. Hleðslurafhlaða og 48v "phantom power". Tilvalið fyrir hlaðvarp.
50.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt

The MixerFace R4B model retains all the features of its parent MixerFace R4R, a mobile recording interface for smartphones, tablets and computers, but adds a pair of precision-matched XY Stereo recording microphones, turning the unit into a stand-alone professional-grade field recorder. capture the audio and stream it audio via the phone, while recording a local copy to the internal SD card recorder -- a level of flexibility unmatched by any existing field recorders.

The new MixerFace R4B SD-recorder model features:

• R4B adds a pair of high-quality XY stereo mics for field recording, interviews, voice or music

• Retains all the features of the original MixerFace R4 and adds a one-touch micro-SD card recorder

• Simultaneously records to SD-card and to a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

• For extra redundancy with video, feed the analog output to a DSLR for simultaneous audio recordings

• The smartphone, micro-SD card and line outputs are all fed the same stereo mix for safety/redundancy recording

• Internal rechargeable battery is designed to last an entire gig, charges from any USB charger

• Dual Jasmine Mic Preamps™ with true 48V phantom power deliver boutique audio quality

• Two Neutrik™ combo XLR jacks to record from Mic, Line or Instrument sources

• High Pass Filters to cut wind noise during location recording

• Dual Hi-Z inputs place a “direct box” inside MixerFace for recording electric guitar or bass

• Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect headphone mix

• Stereo AUX input to mix in a 2-channel source

• AmpExtreme™ headphone amp for extra loudness and clarity, with no distortion

• Balanced and un-balanced outputs for flexible speaker monitoring