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Centrance MixerFace R4R

Tveggja rása upptökutæki og hljóðkort. Tekur upp á microSD kort. USB tengi sem gengur við síma, spjaldtölvur og tölvur. "Analogue" útgangur fyrir DSLR vélar og fl. Hleðslurafhlaða, 48v "phantom power" og "limiter". Tilvalið fyrir hlaðvarp.
67.900 kr.
50.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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The MixerFace R4R model retains all the features of its parent MixerFace R4, a mobile recording interface for smartphones, tablets and computers, but adds a built-in, “one-button record,” stereo micro-SD card recorder for added in-the-field flexibility and recording redundancy. This allows you to stream audio via the phone, while recording a local copy to the internal SD card recorder, a level of flexibility unmatched by any existing field recorders.

The new MixerFace R4R SD-recorder model features:

• R4R retains all the features of the original MixerFace R4 and adds a one-touch micro-SD card recorder

• R4R simultaneously records to SD-card and to a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

• For extra redundancy with video, feed the analog output to a DSLR for simultaneous audio recordings

• The smartphone, micro-SD card and line outputs are all fed the same stereo mix for safety/redundancy recording

• Internal rechargeable battery is designed to last an entire gig, charges from any USB charger

• Dual Jasmine Mic Preamps™ with true 48V phantom power deliver boutique audio quality

• Two Neutrik™ combo XLR jacks to record from Mic, Line or Instrument sources

• High Pass Filters to cut wind noise during location recording

• Dual Hi-Z inputs place a “direct box” inside MixerFace for recording electric guitar or bass

• Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect headphone mix

• Stereo AUX input to mix in a 2-channel source

• AmpExtreme™ headphone amp for extra loudness and clarity, with no distortion

• Balanced and un-balanced outputs for flexible speaker monitoring