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Fluid DS 5

Vörunúmer: FL-DS5
Borðstandar fyrir 4 og 5" hátalara. Hægt er að velja um 6 eða 12 cm. hækkun og 0, 3 eða 6 gráðu halla. Einangrar vel. Verð miðast við par.
9.990 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt



The Fluid Audio DS5 desktop monitor stands are designed for use with all 4” and 5” 2-way studio monitors. They come with the ability to elevate your monitors to two heights: 2.5” and 5”. With the included rubber feet, the stands become an acoustic isolation system that can adjust to 3 angles: Flat, 3 and 6 degrees of tilt.

Elevating your monitors closer to ear-level means you get better on-axis response. As the high frequencies coming from tweeters can be somewhat directional (or “beamy”), getting them up and closer to ear level means you hear a more full-frequency response. Made from MDF wood (the same material as your monitor enclosures) they are rugged and acoustically well damped. The stand “posts” are made with polypropylene, minimizing the “ringing” sound of ABS plastic. Both top and bottom of the stands are capped off with extremely absorbent, 40 durometer rubber feet. The result of the stand construction allows your monitors to “breathe” and to produce much purer tones and a less distorted midrange.