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Fluid F8SW

Vörunúmer: FL-F8S
Nýr 8" studio bassa hátalari frá Fluid
49.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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Designed for recording studios, ga​ming, home theaters and more, the Fluid Audio F8S active subwoofer delivers exceptional bass response in a compact footprint.

Many types of music benefit from bass extension – from Hip-Hop, to House, to Rock.  Being able to hear your mix with this bass extension is critical to accurately creating your music.  The F8S subwoofer allows you to hear every detail down to 30Hz – and in a compact size. 

Mix Engineers want the confidence to know that their mixes translate well on all types of systems.  That is why we included a standby footswitch.  With a click of the included foot pedal, you can turn the bass on or off, and audition your mix with bass extension and without.

The F8S also has two built-in EQ settings that allow for two different settings - depending on your music:  A more conventional Flat response, as well as a “Punch” setting that is perfect for Dance or other mid-bass heavy music.

For further flexibility, the F8S has a variable phase adjustment to fine tune the phase for optimal matching to your L/R monitors (0-180 degrees), a variable low pass crossover filter control (50-200Hz) and a 80Hz high pass filter (used with foot switch) for satellite connections.