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LED+O veggljós sýnishorn úr verslun

Framleiðandi: Lampefeber
Vörunúmer: 9-LA1434/DIM/2700/BI
Hönnun: Martinelli Luce
8.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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Upplýsingar um vöru
Hæð 19cm
Breidd 28cm
Efni Ál/hvítt
Pera Built in 18W LED 2700 K, 2000 lm.  - gengur fyrir dimmer
Hönnuður Martinelli Luce
Hönnuður ed by studio natural 2016<br>Wall lamp with indirect light. Structure of cast aluminium, painted in white. LED light source and electronic driver integrated.<br>Its geometry takes form by a careful exercise in subtraction for create minimalist and ethereal corp to be placed on every space. Led circuit included inside aluminium corp diecast that thanks to its double concavity guarantees a perfect distribution of light and permitted that lamp takes unique geometries from every perspective. Diffuser in white opal methacrylate. Formal neatness and extreme ease of installation make this product particullary suitable for contract ambience to contract.<br>Awards: iF Product Design Award 2017.
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