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Vörunúmer: SEC-SH-310
Létt og afar þægileg höfuðtól fyrir annað eyrað. Tilboð þar sem vara mun hætta.
12.900 kr.
4.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt

Sennheiser SH310 headset has an omni-directional Microphone fitted to the end of a compact and flexible microphone boom. The boom is multi-adjustable and pivots 300° around it's axis. An arrangement of teflon washers on the boom arm allow for accurate and stable positioning while minimsing the wear and tear on the components due to the low friction levels. ActiveGard technology ensures that excessive incoming signals do not reach the user's ears through automatic controls in your headset to instantly lowering the volume. The Sennheiser SH310 also comes with a light metal ear clip.