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Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless

Vörunúmer: SE-TC-W
Byltingarkennd lausn frá Sennheiser. SÉRPÖNTUN
390.000 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt

TeamConnect Wireless

TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the first, go-anywhere, wireless audio conferencing solution. Offering incredible ease of use. Anyone can set up a professional sounding conference in virtually any room or table arrangement. Comprising of four stylish, wirelessly connected satellite units, TeamConnect Wireless can enable conferences for up to 24 people, offering NFC-assisted Bluetooth pairing for use with smart devices. Wired connections are also possible via USB and jack cable for ultimate flexibility. 

  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or with USB or 3.5mm audio jack cable

  • Connects up to 24 people, in virtually any room or table arrangement

  • Supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, allowing for additional callers to be added with ease

  • The system comes with a durable and stylish case for storage, transport and charging of the four satellites

  • Superior acoustic quality allows for high speech intelligibility


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