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Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar S

Vörunúmer: SE-TC BAR S-EU
Part of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions are scalable, all-in-one conferencing devices, designed to meet modern meeting demands with built-in camera, microphones and speakers. With options for small (TeamConnect Bar S) or mid-sized (TeamConnect Bar M) meeting and collaboration spaces, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions easily integrate with your favorite meeting platform and can be further enhanced with other compatible products, including those from Sennheiser.
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The TeamConnect Bar S is the most flexible all-in-one device for small meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. The TC Bar S features 4 microphones and 2 speakers to deliver Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality to every meeting. The TC Bar S is a true problem solver with benefits like easy setup, brand agnostic integration, easy management & control, high video quality, security and sustainability.