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Sennheiser UI 710 magnari

Vörunúmer: SEC-UI-710
Skiptir milli handsets og höfuðtóls.
3.995 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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General Description

The UI 710 is ideal for people who like to talk on both their handset and headset throughout the day. About the size of a matchbox, the UI 710 connects your handset and headset – and allows you to swap between the two with the touch of a button. And for added flexibility, you can use the UI 710 with either your PC or desk phone – and switch between the two. Choose an active box with additional features to regulate volume and automatically improve speech intelligibility, so you never strain to hear or be heard.

  • Small: the UI 710 is the most compact universal interface on the market
  • Simple switching: swap between your headset or handset at the touch of a button
  • User friendly: quick and easy to set up and use
  • Inexpensive: ideal for a tight budget
  • Battery free: the box is line powered so it doesn’t need a battery or AC transformer
  • Perfect for the crowded desk: the space-saving, modern design and discreet cables fit on even the most crowded desk
  • Compatibility: works with all Sennheiser Communications headsets
  • Peace of mind: it has a 2-year warranty