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Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity

Vörunúmer: UA-710
Lampa og transistor formagnari þar sem hægt er blanda þeim saman eða nota aðskilda - SÉRPÖNTUN -
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710 Twin-Finity 

100% Tube to 100% Solid State — a Variable Tone Blending Mic Preamp & DI.

The award-winning 710 Twin-Finity™ is a radically new UA mic preamp design that combines both the classic retro warmth of tubes with the transient bite of solid-state, all in a 2U, half-rack unit. The 710 was created specifically to add the tonal versatility and sonic inspiration missing from generic audio interface preamps. Tone blending is continually variable between 100% tube and 100% solid-state, offering a practically infinite range of unique preamp tones, plus the ability to easily dial-in your own signature sound. There are lots of sensibly priced solid-state and tube preamplifiers out there, but the 710 is the only one that offers the best of both worlds — as well as everything in-between — all in one box, and within reach of any serious project studio’s budget.

  • Twin-Finity™ tone-blending mic/line preamp with Hi-Z instrument DI capabilities
  • Dual-path 310 volt Class-A tube and transimpedance solid-state preamp
  • Phase-aligned “Tone-Blending” of tube and solid state sounds to suit a variety of sources
  • Dual Gain Stages: wire-with-gain to creamy and crunchy
  • Discrete JFET DI with 2.2M ohm ultra Hi-Z impedance
  • Monolithic balanced output stage
  • Universal Iinternal power supply
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Backed by 1-year limited warranty