Apart COLS141

Vörunúmer: AP-COLS141
Nettur og vel hannaður 100V eða 8 omh hátalari sem hentar mjög vel í lifandi rýmum eins og kirkjum, íþróttahúsum, fundar- og samkomusölum Lagersala 60% afsláttur
38.900 kr.
15.000 kr.
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COLS141 is an extra slim column speaker that is especially suitable for sound reproduction in acoustically difficult venues. Advanced technology guarantees optimized sound dispersion and improved speech intelligibility. This decreases microphone feedback in reverberant locations such as houses of worship, sport facilities, public buildings as well as conference facilities and auditoriums. This speaker offers timeless design combined with impeccable sound reproduction. 

The standard color of COLS141 is white. As an option it can be painted in any RAL color (REF: PAINTCOL). Please note that the minimum order quantity for PAINTCOL is 12 pieces.