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Sennheiser HD 400S Svart

Þægileg heyrnartól með hljóðnema sem gott er að vera með þegar hlustað er á tónlist - en geta á auðveldan hátt skipt á milli og svarað í farsíma.
9.980 kr.

HD 200 PRO

Bring your studio sound home. The HD 200 PRO offers powerful and detailed sound for every monitoring task and for every budget. It combines with an efficient ambient noise reduction with a high resolution. Focus on your mix – at home, in your studio or during live events.
10.900 kr.

HD 280 PRO

These rugged, comfortable headphones are designed for professional monitoring applications. Features include single-sided coiled cable, rotating ear cups and up to 32 dB noise attenuation.
14.900 kr.

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT Svart

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT þráðlaus SVÖRT. Þar sem hönnun og hágæða hljómburður fara saman.
14.900 kr.

GSP 300

Sennheiser’s GSP 300 is the ultimate upgrade for gamers ready to level-up: Ultra comfortable memory foam ear pads ensure best-in-class acoustic seal while its broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone minimizes background noise so you can stay immersed in the game.
14.900 kr.

HD 559

Hágæða og umfram allt þægileg opin heyrnartól
14.900 kr.

GSP 350

The greatest games already take you on an adventure into new worlds of excitement, but when you’re ready to go even further into the game, you’ll want the Sennheiser GSP 350. Delivering an ultra-immersive experience for PC gamers thanks to Sennheiser’s high-end acoustic technology and incredible 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, the GSP 350 lets you advance to the next level in gaming realism.
19.800 kr.

HD 569

The closed HD 569 with around ear design brings a flexible option to the Home entertainment space. It provides a rich and clear bass, adding further flexibility by making it possible to enjoy the full personal experience without disturbing others.
19.980 kr.


Nýustu leikjatólin frá Sennheiser eru hágæða sett fyrir kröfuharða notendur.
24.900 kr.

HD 4.50BTNC Svart

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT þráðlaus SVÖRT með noise cancelling. Þar sem hönnun og hágæða hljómburður fara saman.
25.900 kr.


Nýustu leikjatólin frá Sennheiser eru hágæða sett fyrir kröfuharða notendur.
26.800 kr.

HD 300 PRO

Capable of locating everything. Reproducing every detail. Staying precise when it comes to both fine subtleties and maximum sound pressure levels: the newly developed acoustic system in the HD 300 PRO enables neutral, delicate sound reproduction. The high level of wearing comfort and efficient ambient noise attenuation ensure that nothing will disrupt your concentration.
27.900 kr.