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Neumann KMS 104 BK

Hljóðnemi fyrir söng hugsaður fyrir karlkyns rödd - Tilboðsverð
106.900 kr.

Neumann KMS 104 Plus

Hljóðnemi fyrir söng hugsaður fyrir kvenkyns rödd - Tilboðsverð
93.900 kr.

Sennheiser MD 435

Dynamic vocal microphone with nuanced resolution and transparency for a detailed sound. The high-end model MD 435 reproduces vocals clearly and confidently, even in loud, live settings. The spring-mounted capsule, rugged design and hum compensation coil reliably shield it from external influences.
79.900 kr.

Sennheiser MD 445

The top model of dynamic Sennheiser microphones sounds impressive thanks to its unparalleled presence and openness. The sophisticated and extensive sound calibration of the dynamic, wired microphone creates noticeably greater proximity to the vocals. With its high-rejection supercardioid pickup pattern, the MD 445 provides focus in every application and systematically protects against feedback – even at extreme volumes. Thanks to its rugged metal design, it can withstand extensive wear and tear.
79.900 kr.

Sennheiser e 965

Flaggskip Sennheiser í söng hljóðnemum - "Condenser mic"
66.900 kr.

Sennheiser e 935

Mjög góður live sönghljóðnemi - cardioid
32.900 kr.