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Apart MASK4T

Vörunúmer: AP-MASK4T-BL
Nettur 4,25" svartur hátalari fyrir 100v eða lá óms kerfi. Hægt er að nota bæði inni og úti
12.900 kr.
11.610 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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4.25" small design two-way loudspeaker, black

The MASK4T loudspeaker has a unique innovative design and its transparent sound offers incredible intelligibility ideal for background music and paging purposes. MASK4T can be used in low impedance 16 ohms (up to 4 loudspeakers in parallel on a standard 4 ohms amplifier channel) or in 100 volt with several power tappings (20 – 10 – 5 – 2.5 watts).

The cabinet is made of high quality enforced PPE ABS. The grille is made of aluminium and the woofer has been coated so MASK4T loudspeakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cabinet is supplied with a rubber IP protection cover for the loudspeaker terminals. This way water ingress and corrosion of the terminals is avoided (IP64).

MASK4T has a powerful 4.25” coated paper cone woofer. Together with the Vari-throat horn for the Ferro-fluid cooled 1” silk dome tweeter this results in a high SPL and ultra low distortion. Its phase alignment and wide frequency range makes sure every note, starting from the robust low-mid over the clean middle range to the crystal clear highs, reaches your ears with an astonishing clarity.