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CS-2614 overlockvél

Vörunúmer: GWCSA-2614D-03/M34-2
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CS-2614 Series

2-Needle, 4-Thread Super High Speed, Overlock Machine. (Medium~heavy, plain seaming)(Standard type)

Applied with many improved & perfect new mechanisms, could: 1. Suitable for stitching medium~heavy fabrics, and the seams are extremely beautiful. 2. The cleaning & maintenance & operation, are much easier than before. 3. Suitable for operating in super high speed, could be reduced noise & vibration, and increased the strength & durability.

Product Feature

  • Excellent automatic lubricating and filtering (interchangeable) system, ensured the max. sewing speed is up to 7,500 s.p.m..
  • Micro-adjustable and lever-adjustable differential feeding ratio.
  • Push-button type of stitch length regulator, easy operation. (①KS: Side suction type thread trimmer ②2F: Venturi device. ③......Are available.)