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Gabriella Cabinet light 4W 350mA 2700K 90° Aluminium

Framleiðandi: Nordtronic
Vörunúmer: 9-NOR3334
Gabriella Innfeld undirskápaljós frá Nordtronic (Straumbreytir fylgjir ekki).
4.590 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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Gabriella LED Cabinet Light 350mA - 4W

Important information: The lighting fixture must be installed by an authorised electrician. Check that the label on the product matches the utilised amperage and also check the method of installation and area. Always remember to switch off the main power prior to installation of the lighting fixture. Install the lighting fixture in accordance with the current electrical installation regulations. Always remember to use the updated version of the dimmer overview - find it on www.nordtronic.com. The warranty is invalid if a leading edge dimmer is used. Only use together with Nordtronic LED driver. Installation instructions: Ensure that the lighting fixture is approved for the actual location where it will be mounted. If possible, test the cup drill on similar material first to ensure that the finished hole has the correct diameter. Then check that there are no water pipes or cables in the area where the hole is going to be drilled. The distance down to the nearest surface (tall cupboards, etc.) must be at least 10 cm. Step 1 Drill the hole Ø55 mm / Mount the fixation ring. Step 2 Pull the wire to the driver. Step 3 Insert the downlight.

Product description

  • Approved for installation directly in the insulation and flammable materials
  • Low mounting depth (12 mm)
  • Quick installation
  • Dimmable with driver NT-1872
  • LED chip
  • 3 meter cable with plug included
  • Material: Plastic / Aluminium
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