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Vörunúmer: SEMKE-1-4
Minnsti næluhljóðnemi frá Sennheiser, hentar jafnt í leikhús og sjónvarp. Fáanlegur með Lemo eða 3,5mm skrúfuðum jack tengi og svartur eða ljósbrúnn
58.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Uppselt

MKE 1-4

Our smallest Sound Pro
Whether for musicals and live shows, or for broadcasting applications, the MKE 1 - Sennheiser's smallest clip-on microphone - performs at its best in all situations where a microphone needs to be virtually invisible and still offer outstanding sound quality.

Sweat protected by a newly developed protective membrane, the MKE 1 stands up better than other clip-on microphones to harsh live conditions. Its special gauze and multi-purpose cap offer additional protection from moisture so that it only picks up what it is meant to pick up - perfect sound. The MKE 1 is robust in every respect. The cable with moulded anti-kink sleeve minimises handling noise and makes this a microphone you can rely upon completely.

Key Features
  • Great strengths - small microphone

  • Very small dimensions (3.3 mm capsule diameter)

  • High maximum sound pressure level (142 dB)

  • Very high speech intelligibility; clear, pleasant treble

  • Full, natural sound with low ambient noise

  • Thin (1 mm diameter) and robust cable; flexible with minimum handling noise

  • Very sweat-resistant due to protective membrane

  • Flexible tubes for attaching the microphone with clips or adhesive tape