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Neumann TLM-49 SET

Framleiðandi: Neumann
Vörunúmer: GNTLM-49 SET
TLM 49-SET er hugsaður mest fyrir söng og hannaður út frá hinum goðsagnakendu U 47 og M 49 hljóðnemum frá Neumann.
245.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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The sound of our 1950s tube classics recreated with trouble free FET circuitry

  • Same capsule design as the legendary U 47 and M 49
  • Optimized for a classic, silky vocal sound
  • Tube sound characteristics from reliable FET circuitry
  • Classic look with large M 49 headgrille

The TLM 49 has a fixed cardioid pattern and is designed mainly as a microphone for vocalists, but its clear bass and superb midrange with a gentle presence boost above 2 kHz will produce excellent results with various instruments, too, such as acoustic guitar and upright bass.

  • Same capsule as legendary Neumann U 47 and M 49 microphones
  • Cardioid pattern
  • Classic sound for silky vocals
  • Large, acoustically open headgrille
  • Transformerless solid state circuit with tube sound characteristics
  • Very low self-noise