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Apart - PA240P

Vörunúmer: AP-PA240P
Einnar rása 100v kraftmagnari - 1 x 240w
82.300 kr.
59.900 kr.
Lagerstaða: Á lager
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The PA240P is a fully equipped 240-watt constant voltage power amplifier that can meet all of your requirements. It is the device to build larger professional industrial sound applications. Besides high reliability and the basic functions of a power amplifier the PA240P excels above similar products by the inclusion of its extra technical features, possibilities and protection.

The unit is able to drive 4 ohms or constant voltage loudspeaker lines (50 – 70 – 100 volts). The amplifier has an input for background music (with link through) and a priority line input (for paging or evacuation messages), which can be activated by contact closure.

The bass – treble tone control guarantees an excellent sound experience, even in tough acoustical conditions. The PA240P comes with a removable metal protection cover so that unauthorized people cannot change the amplifier’s volume, bass, and treble tone controls from the front panel.

The volume of the program input can be set at the front and the volume of the priority input at the back of the amplifier. When the priority input has been activated, 24V DC outputs will be available to activate priority relays of loudspeaker attenuators or other devices.