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Palmer Monicon XL

Aktív hátalara stýring fyrir þrjú pör af hátölurum með "talkback", þrem analogue og einum digital inngöngum.
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Switching between different signal sources and monitors is one of the most common tasks in any studio. Ergonomic console design and two clearly structured control levels makes the Palmer MONICON XL the perfect, intuitive nerve centre for all your requirements. Selecting audio sources and loudspeakers is convenient and at the touch of a button.

The Palmer studio monitor controller features three analog stereo inputs, one S/PDIF input and outputs for three monitor pairs, each with its own volume controller for level calibration. A further mono summed full-range output is also available for connecting either a mono monitor or a subwoofer. An exclusive highlight of the MONICON XL is its correlation meter, which displays the phase difference between a stereo signal's left and right channels. This facilitates the quick and simple discovery of mono-compatibility errors in mixes. The controller is also customisable to your personal work style.

Its fully analogue audio circuit means that the MONICON XL demonstrates absolutely no latency or signal distortion. Additional features that are a must for any studio make the device far more than simply a monitor controller. Two headphone outputs with volume controllers and main cue selector switches, a cue master controller and an on/off talkback microphone with volume control are all also included. As are a mute button and a dim button, with volume control, that instantly reduces the monitor level by a pre-set amount.


Product typeOther Studio and Recording Equipment
Channels3 x switchable balanced outputs, 1 x CUE output, 1 x main output
Inputs3 + SPDIF
Input connectors3.5 mm TRS , 6.3 mm jack , RCA , SPDIF
Input typebalanced/unbalanced (depending on TS/TRS connection)
Max. input level20 dBu
Input impedance(balanced) 10.000 Ohm(s) , (unbalanced) 5.000 Ohm(s)
Outputs7 x stereo
Output connectorsTRS balanced (1 - 3) , TRS unbalanced (CUE, MAIN, headphones 1 & 2)
Output impedance600 Ohm(s)
Frequency response12 - 90000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.002 % (BW 20 - 20,000 Hz)
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)102 dB (a-weighted) @ + 4 dBu
Dynamic range (DR AES17)115 dB
CMRR> 55 dB
Max. attenuation(Attenuator + Mute) 111 dB , (Attenuator) 86 dB
Controlsattenuation , Audio DIM , input selector , mono , mute , output selector , PFL source , Talkback
Housing materialsheet steel , wood
Cabinet surfacePowder coated
Width254 mm
Height84 mm
Depth215 mm
Weight1,512 kg